Bachelor and Master theses for biochemists, chemists, biologists / 
Master of Drug Research for pharmacists

If interested please contact me directly (e-mail address, phone and room number are indicated on the start page).


Modules for Master students in biochemistry and chemistry

- Modul Evaluation of drug targets (MNF-bcmb-270, 10 ECTS): 3 SWS lectures Pharmazeutische und Medizinische Chemie (in German; Mon 10-11, Tue 10-11,Thu 9-10); 1 SWS seminar (Thu 10-11); 7 SWS practical course (flexible)

- Modul Proteinchemie: Proteinexpression und Proteinreinigung (MNF-bcmb-278, 10 ECTS): 8 SWS practical course (flexible)

- Modul Pharmazeutische Instrumentelle Analytik (MNF-bcmb-269, 10 ECTS): 3 SWS lectures Grundlagen der Instrumentellen Analytik (in German; Mon 12-13, Wed 10-12); 2 SWS seminar plus 7 SWS practical course (according to the current schedule)


Trainees / HiWi

If you are interested in pratical molecular biology or in our research on transmembrane transport you are very welcome to visit our group during the lecture-free periods. For more intensive collaborations there are limited HiWi positions available. Please inquire in time.


Further questions regarding lectures/courses/BAföG

Do not hesitate to contact me (e-mail address, phone and room number are indicated on the start page). Lecture materials can be downloaded below:


Lecture Instrumentelle Analytik

 Transparencies for the lecture Instrumentelle Analytik (via OLAT)


      Spring lab 

 Physics Education - University of Colorado at Boulder



Michelson interferometer



Raman active modes - University of Cambridge, UK


      Code of Life  

PBS - Public Broadcasting Service on Genome Sequencing



Ring lecture Pharmazeutische Chemie



 Signal- & neuro transduction (via OLAT)



Opioids, lokal anesthetics, steroides (via OLAT)


Diuretics, glucose metabolism, vitamines (via OLAT)


Additional material for the ring lecture

PyMOL (education versions are free)



 3D crystal data (search e.g. for 2rh1 and download 2rh1.pdb)


      neuron  OK

open access book tutorial and software