Prof. Dr. Eric Beitz

Pharmaceutical und Medicinal Chemistry        portrait           
Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel
Gutenbergstraße 76
24118 Kiel

Tel. +49 431 880 1809
Fax   +49 431 880 1352
Curriculum vitae

Larissa Einfeldt
Tel.  +49 431 880 1131


Latest Publications

Nerlich, C., Epalle, N.H., Seick, P., Beitz, E. (2021) Discovery and development of inhibitors of the plasmodial FNT-type lactate transporter as novel antimalarials. Pharmaceuticals 14: 1191. PubMed

Jakobowska, I., Becker, F., Minguzzi, S., Hansen, K., Henke, B., Epalle, N.H., Beitz, E., Hannus, S. (2021) Fluorescence cross-correlation spectroscopy yields true affinity and binding kinetics of Plasmodium lactate transport inhibitors. Pharmaceuticals 14: 757 PubMed

Köpnick, A.L., Geistlinger, K., Beitz, E. (2021) Cysteine 159 delineates a hinge region of the alternating access monocarboxylate transporter 1 and is targeted by cysteine-modifying inhibitors. FEBS J. 288:6052-6062. PubMed

Beitz, E. (2021) Structure memes: Intuitive visualization of sequence logo and subfamily logo information in a 3D protein-structural context. Proteins 89: 1262-1269. PubMed

Köpnick, A.L., Jansen, A., Geistlinger, K., Epalle, N.H., Beitz, E. (2021) Basigin drives intracellular accumulation of L-lactate by harvesting protons and substrate anions. PLoS One 16: e0249110. PubMed

Schmidt, J.D.R., Walloch, P., Höger, B., Beitz, E. (2021) Aquaporins with lactate/lactic acid permeability at physiological pH conditions. Biochimie 188: 7-11. PubMed

Walloch, P., Hansen, C., Priegann, T., Schade, D., Beitz, E. (2021) Pentafluoro-3-hydroxy-pent-2-en-1-ones potently inhibit FNT-type lactate transporters from all five human-pathogenic Plasmodium species. ChemMedChem 16: 1283-1289. PubMed

Current grants

- Anti-malarials targeting the plasmodial transketolase and the lactate transporter (TWAS-DFG programme)
- Structure elucidation of the inhibitor-bound plasmodial lactate transporter (DFG)
Proton transport and proton-coupled transport (EC, Horizon 2020, Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Networks)  "PROTON" website

Main interests of the group

Transmembrane transport of water, solutes and metabolites | biophysics and transport mechanisms | molecular regulation, selectivity mechanisms, and inhibition of aquaporins and metabolite transporters from humans and pathogenic parasites | evaluation of drug targets  | inhibitor screening, design, and synthesis