Research focus

 Pharmaceutical aerosols

  • Dry powder inhaler formulations
  • high dose DPI
  • nasal formulations
  • particle sizing and deposition
  • stability
  • devices for nasal and orally inhaled formulations
  • particle engineering
  • spray drying
  • blending

Nanoparticles for the delivery of immune actives

  • Mucosal delivery
  • nanoparticle preparation, loading and functionalisation
  • protein stabilisation
  • adjuvant systems
  • uptake and immunological characterization
  • Nano-in-microparticles
  • dosage forms for the administration of nanoparticles

Current PhD projects

  • Particle-engineered mannitol as alternative carrier in inhalation
  • Mannitol as excipient for sensitive drugs
  • Softpellets for high dose DPI applications
  • Formulation of lipophilic resin-like drugs for DPI
  • Spray-dried formulations for DPI application – challenges and opportunities
  • Drug nanocrystals for high dose inhalation
  • Particle engineering for DPI carriers
  • Next generation nasal formulations
  • Surface effects in powders for inhalation
  • Particle engineering in inhalation


  • Advanced nanoparticles as inhalable delivery system for immune actives
  • Design space for the preparation of nanoparticles as drug carriers
  • Lipid-based drug carrier systems
  • ZnO as alternative adjuvant


External projects

  • Simulation of a Lyophilisation Process
  • Application of numerical simulations in roller compaction
  • Polymer-based implants for sustained release of allergoids for allergen immunotherapy