Publications from Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. B.W. Müller

Publikationen von Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. B.W. Müller     

Ausgewählte Veröffentlichungen seit 1996

B.W.Müller and J.Bleich:
Production of drug loaded microparticles by the use of supercritical gases with the Aerosol Solvent Extraction System (ASES) process,
J. Microencapsulation, Vol. 13, No. 2, 131-139 (1996)

D.Heber, B.W.Müller:
Aminosubstituirte Phenolderivate mit radikalfangenden und anit-neoplastischen Eigenschaften,
Deutsche Patentanmeldung 1996

F.Ruchatz, P.Kleinebudde and B.W.Müller:
Residual solvents in biodegradable microparticles: determination by a dynamic headspace gas chromatographic method,
Internation Journal of Pharmaceutics 142, 67-73 (1996)

T.Trenktrog, F.M.Specht, J.Siefert and B.W.Müller:
Enteric coated insulin pellets: development, drug release and in vivo evaluation, Eur.
Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 4, 323-329 (1996)

G.Rafler, M.Jobmann and B.W.Müller:
Hydrophobe resorbierbare Polyester und deren Verwendung,
Deutsche Patentanmeldung 195 45 327.1, PST-Fall.Nr: 95/31144.IAP/TO

Partikuläre Trägersysteme, Zukunftsorientierte Arzneiformulierungen,
Hersg. W.Süß, G.Fischer Verlag, Jena Stuttgart (1996)

T.Blunk, M.Lück, A.Calvör, D.F.Hochstrasser, J.-C.Sanchez, B.W.Müller, R.H.Müller:
Kinetics of Plasma Protein Adsorption on Model Particles for Controlled Drug Delivery and Drug Targeting, Eur. J. Pharm. Biopharm., 42 (4) 262-268 (1996)

H.Kublik, T.K.Bock, H.Schreier and B.W. Müller:
Nasal Absorption of 17-ß-Estradiol from Different Cyclodextrin Inclusion Formulations in Sheep,
Eur. Journal of Pharm. and Biopharm., 42 (5), 320-324 (1996)

H.Steckel, J.Thies, B.W.Müller:
Micronizing of steroids for pulmonary delivery by supercritical carbon dioxide,
Int. J. Pharmaceutics, 152, 99-110 (1997)

H. Steckel, B. W. Müller:
In vitro evaluation of dry powder inhalers I: drug deposition of commonly used devices,
Int. J. Pharm. 154 19-29 (1997)

H. Steckel, B. W. Müller:
In vitro evaluation of dry powder inhalers II: influence of carrier particle size and concentration on in vitro deposition,
Int. J. Pharm. 154 31-37 (1997)

K. Oungbho and B. W. Müller:
Chitosan sponges as sustained release drug carriers,
Int. Journal of Pharmaceutics 156 (1997) 229-237

H. Schreier, L. Gagné, T. Bock, G.W.Erdos, P. Druzgala, J.T.Conary and B.W. Müller:
Physicochemical properties and in vitro toxicity of cationic liposome cDNA complexes,
Pharm. Acta Helv. 72 (1997) 215-223

J. Thies, B. W. Müller:
Size controlled production of biodegradable microparticles with supercritical gases,
Eur. J. Pharm. & Biopharm., 45, (1998) 67-74

M. Jumaa, B. W. Müller:
The effect of oil components and homogenization condition on the physicochemical peroperties and stability of parenteral fat emulsions,
Int. Journal of Pharmaceutics, 163, (1998) 81-89

H. Steckel, B. W. Müller:
Metered-dose inhaler formulations with beclomethasone-17,21-dipropionate using the ozone friendly propellant R 134a,
Eur. J. Pharm. & Biopharm., 46, (1998) 77-83

M. A. Hammad, B. W. Müller:
Solubility and stability of clonazepam in mixed micelles,
Int. Journal of Pharmaceutics 169 (1998) 55-64

F. Specht, M. Saugestad, T. Waaler and B. W. Müller:
The application of Shellac as an acidic polymer for enteric coating,
Pharmaceutical Technology Europe September (1998)

P. Holzner and B. W. Müller:
Effect of Air Flow and Acceleration on Particle Size of Dry Powder Aerosols determined by Time-of-Flight Aerosol Beam Spectrometry,
Particulate Science and Technology, 15 (1997) 187-202

Hartwig Steckel and B. W. Müller:
Metered-dose inhaler formulation of fluticasone-17-propionate micronized with supercritical carbon dioxide using the alternative propellant HFA-227,
Int. Journal of Pharmaceutics 173 (1998) 25-33

M. Jumaa, B. W. Müller and P. Kleinebudde:
Mixture experiments with the oil phase of parenteral emulsions,
Eur. J. Pharm. & Biopharm. 46 (1998) 161-167

M. Jumaa and B. W. Müller:
The stabilization of parenteral fat emulsion using non-ionic ABA copolymer surfactant,
Int. Journal of Pharmaceutics 174 (1998) 29-37

A. Calvör and B. W. Müller:
Production of Microparticles by High-Pressure Homogenization,
Pharm. Dev. and Technology, 3 (3) (1998) 297-305

H. Steckel and B. W. Müller, Metered-dose inhaler add-on devices:
An in vitro evaluation of the BronchoAir inhaler and several spacer devices,
Journal of Aerosol Medicine, Vol 11, No. 3 (1998) 133-142

M. A. Hammad and B. W. Müller:
Factors affecting solubility and stability of indomethacin in mixed micelles,
Pharmazie 53 (1998) 11, 790-794

M. A. Hammad and B. W. Müller:
Solubility and stability of tetrazepam in mixed micelles,
Eur. J. Pharm. Sci. (1998) 49-55

M. A. Hammad and B. W. Müller:
Increasing drug solubility by means of bile salt-phosphatidylcholine-based mixed micelles,
Eur. J. Pharm. & Biopharm.,46 (1998) 361-367

M. A. Hammad and B. W. Müller:
Solubility and stability of Lorazepam in Bile Salt/Soya Phosphatidylcholine-Mixed Micelles,
Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy 25(4) (1999) 409-417

B. U. Riebesehl, K. Balon, B. W. Müller:
Drug Liposome Partitioning as a Tool for the Prediction of Human Passive Intestinal Absorption,
Pharm. Research, Vol. 16, 6 (1999) 882-888

,B. U. Riebesehl, K. Balon, B. W. Müller:
Determination of Liposome Partitioning of Ionizable Drugs by Titration,
J. Pharm. Sci. 88 (8) (1999) 802-806

M. Jumaa and B. W. Müller:
Influence of the non-ionic surfactant PEG-660-12-hydroxy stearate on the surface properties of phospholipid monolayers and their effect on lipid emulsion stability,
Colloid Polym Sci 277 (1999) 347-353

C. Schnier, K. Buszello, B. W. Müller:
Radiolabelling of parenteral O/W emulsions by means of neutron activation,
Eur. J. Pharm. & Biopharm. 47 (1999) 247-253

A. T. Rivero, B. W. Müller:
Monomeric stabilization of insulin in solution,
Pharmazie 54 (1999) 8

M. Jumaa, B. W. Müller:
Physicochemical properties of chitosan-lipid emulsions and their stability during the autoclaving process,
Int. J. Pharmaceutics 183 (1999) 175-184

A. Engwicht, U. Girreser, B. W. Müller:
Critical properties of lactide-co-glycolide polymers for the use in microparticle preparation by the Aerosol Solvent Extraction System,
Int. J. Pharmaceutics 185 (1999) 61-72

P. Kleinebudde, M. Jumaa, B. W. Müller:
Physicochemical properties and hemolytic effect of different lipid emulsion formulations using a mixture of emulsifiers,
Pharm. acta helv. 73 (1999) 293-301

B. W. Müller, P. Kleinebudde, M. Schröder, P. Schultz, T. Waaler and L. Nymo:
Importance of the fraction of microcrystalline cellulose and spheronization speed of the proerties of extruded pellets made from binary mixtures,
Pharm. Development and Technology 4 (3) (1999) 397-404

B. W. Müller (BASF) Patent:
Administration form of profens, NAE 480/796/98

M. Sönnichsen and B. W. Müller:
A rapid and quantitative method for total fatty acid analysis of fungi and other biological samples,
Lipids, 34 (1999) 1347-1349

M. Jumaa, B. W. Müller:
In vitro investigation of the effect of various isotonic substances in parenteral emulsions on human erythrocytes,
Eur. J. Pharm. Sciences 9 (1999) 207-212

N. Sarisuta, M. Kumpugdee, S. Puttipipatkhachorn, B. W. Müller:
Physico-chemical characterization of interactions between erythromycin and various film polymers,
Int. J. Pharmaceutics 186 (1999) 109-118

M. Jumaa, B. W. Müller:
Lipid emulsions as a novel system to reduce the hemolytic activity of lytic agents: mechanism of the protective effect,
Eur. Journal of Pharm. Sciences 9 (2000) 285-290

C. C. Leffler and B. W. Müller:
Chitosan-gelatin sponges for controlled drug delivery: the use of ionic and non-ionic plasticizers,
S.T.P. Pharma Sciences 10 (1) (2000) 105-111

C. C. Leffler and B. W. Müller:
Influence of the acid type on the physical and drug liberation properties of chitosan-gelatin sponges,
Int. J. Pharmaceutics 194 (2000) 229-237

K. Buszeollo, S. Harnisch, B. W. Müllerand R. H. Müller:
The influence of alkali fatty acids on the properties and the stability of parenteral O/W emulsions modified with Solutol HS 15 ,
Eur. Journal of Pharm. & Biopharm. 49 (2000) 143-149

A. Engwicht, B. W. Müller and U. Girreser:
Characterization of co-polymers of lactic and glycolic acid for supercritical fluid processing,
Biomaterials 21 (2000), 1587-1593

B. W. Müller:
Penetrationsförderer und Arzneistoffträgersysteme, in Therapeutische Verfahren in der Dermatologie,
Blackwell Wissenschafts-Verlag Berlin Wien 2001

M. Jumaa, F. El Saleh, I. Hassan, B. W. Müller und P. Kleinebudde: I
nfluence of cellulose type on the properties of extruded pellets.
Part I: Physicochemical characterization of the cellulose types after homogenization, Colloid Polym. Sci 278 (2000) 597-607

B. W. Müller:
Verfahren zur Herstellung von hydrophobierten resorbierbaren Polyestern und deren Verwendung,
Patent DE 195 45 327 C2, 19.04.2001

M. Jumaa, B. W. Müller:
Development of a Novel Parenteral Formulation for Tetrazepam Using a Lipid Emulsion,
Drug Dev. + Ind. Pharmacy 27(10) (2001) 1115-1121

O. Gloger, B. W. Müller, K. Witthohn, :
Stabile galenische gefriergetrocknete Arzneimittelzubereitung mit rViscumin,
Patent AZ 101 49 030.5 (2001)

M. Jumaa, B. W. Müller, F. H. Furkert:
A new lipid emulsion formulation with high antimicrobial efficacy using chitosan,
EJPB 53 (2002) 115-123

C. Christiansen, B. W. Müller:
Zubereitung zur Oberflächenanästhesie der Haut,
DE 101 64 531.7, (2001)

N. Rasenack, B. W. Müller:
Verfahren zur Herstellung und Anwendung von Mikro- und Nanoteilchen durch aufbauende Mikronization,
DE 102 14 031.6 (2002)

C. Christiansen, B. W. Müller:
Cloud Point / Cloud Temperature Measurement Methods for Surfactant Characterization,
Pharm. Ind 64, Nr. 3 (2002) 278-282

C. Christiansen, B. W. Müller:
Friability of Granules- Evaluation of Different Test Methods,
Pharm Ind. 64 Nr. 4 (2002) 390-397

N. Rasenack, B. W. Müller:
Mikro- und Nanoteilchen,
PZ Prisma, 9. Jahrgang 3 (2002) 183-190

G. Nykamp, U. Carstensen, B. W. Müller:
Jet milling - a new technique for microparticle preparation,
Int. J. Pharmaceutics 242 (2002) 79-86

B. W. Müller:
Cyclodextrine als Suspensionsstabilisatoren in druckverflüssigten Treibmitteln,
DE 102 05 087.2 (2002)

M. Jumaa, B. W. Müller:
Parenteral emulsions stabilized with a mixture of phospholipids and PEG-660-12-hydroxy-stearate: evaluation of accelerated and long-term stability,
Eur. Journal of Pharmaceutics & Biopharmaceutics 54 (2002) 207-212

N. Rasenack, B. W. Müller:
Crystal habit and tableting behaviour,
Int. J. Pharmaceutics 244 (2002) 45-47

N. Rasenack, B. W. Müller:
Verfahren zur Bildung von Profenkristallen,

B. W. Müller, U. Carstensen:
Wirkstoffhaltige Mikropartikel und Verfahren zur Herstellung der Mikropartikel durch Abrasion,
Patentnummer DE 100 61 932 A1 24.10.02

N. Rasenack, B. W. Müller:
Properties of Ibuprofen Crystallized Under Various Conditions:
A Comparative Study, Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy Vol. 28. 9, (2002) 1007-1089

T. Rode, M. Frauen, U. Schönrock, C. Mundt, U. Hintze, H. Wenck, B. W. Müller:
The influence of antioxidant and chelating agents on the stability of catechins, with particular reference to (-) epigalocatechin-gallate (EGCG) and (-) epicatechin (EC) in topical emulsion base formulations,
SÖFW-Journal, 128. Jahrgang 7 (2002) 1-4

M. Jumaa, B. W. Müller:
Formulating and stability of benzodiazepines in a new lipid emulsion formulation,
Die Pharmazie 57 11 (2002)

N. Rasenack, B. W. Müller:
Ibuprofen crystals with optimized properties,
International J. Pharmaceutics 245 (2002) 9-24

N. Rasenack, B. W. Müller:
Dissolution rate enhancement by in situ micronization of poorly water-soluble drugs,
Pharm. Research, Vol. 19, No. 12 (2002) 1894-1900


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