Wintersemester 2019/20

Donnerstag, 17.10.19    
Allgemeines zum Semesterstart

Donnerstag, 24.10.19  
Anna Neustock
Drug nanocrystals for high dose inhalation - the challenges of aerodynamic characterisation

Donnerstag, 07.11.19    
Fabian Mertens
MESL - A closer look into lipid analytics and sterility

Donnerstag, 14.11.19    
Christian Etschmann
Comparison of high dose data in NGI and FSI

Donnerstag, 21.11.19    
Friederike Roth
Mannitol as alternative excipient for sensitive drugs

Donnerstag, 28.11.19    
Tobias Gutowski
 UV labile! - Improvement of CBDs stability and analytics

Donnerstag, 05.12.19    
Marie Hellfritzsch
Zinc oxide & Mannitol conquer Europe: from Kiel to London

Donnerstag, 19.12.19    
Anna-Katharina Schmidt
The influence of added mannitol fines in DPI formulations

Donnerstag, 09.01.20    
Angelika Jüptner
Spray dried formulations for inhalation - a closer look on the correlation of powder characterisation and filling processes

Donnerstag, 16.01.20    
Anna-Maria Struzek
Preparation of Polymeric Nanoparticles for Immune Modulation and Drug Delivery

Donnerstag, 23.01.20    
Simon Bock
Additive Manufacturing in Aerosol Science

Donnerstag, 30.01.20    
Nicholas Bungert
Tailored dispersive surface energies of DPI carriers

Donnerstag, 06.02.20    
Shubhangini Awasthi
Numerical Simulation of Roller Compaction Process
Tigran Kharatyan
Simulation and experimental investigation of the lyophilization process

Donnerstag, 13.02.20    
Marie Trenkel
Influence of excipients on nasal mucus

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